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Attaching docs to pubs

Justin C. Walker
Hi, all,

This may be a known "feature", but I'm not able to figure out what's wrong.

My setup is two computers, Com1 and Com2, with the same directory structures for my TeX notes and my docs.

TeX notes in .../notes
Docs in .../docs

The "..." are the same on the two systems, except that on one system, the path starts with "/Volume/Vol/" (the directories are on an external disk).

I keep the .bib file in notes.  On Com1, I look up the pub "A" in BibDesk, and it shows me the doc, "A.pdf" (in docs).
On Com2, with the identical .bib (just verified that), I look up pup "A" in BibDesk, and it shows the doc "?".

I look at the raw .bib file on each system (even though they're the same according to "cmp"), and check the Bdsk-File entry for this pub (with Adam's handy and on each system [to be expected], I get

Obviously one system's BibDesk config differs from the other.  I believe this to be the case because, if on Com2, I delete the "?" attachment and choose the correct file, and copy the resulting .bib file back to Com1, the infection has transferred (with the .bib file) to Com1.

I have glared sternly at preferences on both, but I'm missing something.  Clues?

Thanks for any help.


Justin C. Walker, Curmudgeon at Large
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