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BibDesk 1.6.10

Christiaan Hofman
Greetings all

The BibDesk development team is pleased to announce that a new version of BibDesk, version 1.6.10, is now available. 

We thank the users who have contributed to BibDesk development by sharing their experiences with BibDesk, and testing nightly builds. 

This release can be obtained by selecting "check for updates" in the "BibDesk" menu, visiting the Sourceforge downloads page at


or by visiting the BibDesk home page at


or by following the link below, which will begin immediate download:


For those interested follow the full release notes for this version.

Release notes for BibDesk version 1.6.10

Bugs Fixed
  *  Fix MathSciNet web scraper
  *  Fix drag highlights
  *  Fix field group icons
  *  Fix search highlights in preferences
  *  Improve compatibility with tabs
  *  Better suppress update check prompt

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