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Justin C. Walker
Hi, all,

I'm seeing strange behavior with BibDesk 1.6.5 on 10.6.8.  Christiaan has looked at it and tried to clarify the issue, but so far, no explanation (see bugs #1485 and #1486 for the discussion).

If anyone has a 10.6.8 (or any 10.6) system lying around, and has a little time to spare, can you try this out?  Note that I do not see the problem with BibDesk 1.6.4.

There are two (presumably related) symptoms:
1. If I select a pub, I do not see the PDF'd citation in either the preview pane (below the pub list) *or* the separate preview window.  The tab displaying the log file does update correctly.

2. Once I do see the citations (in either window), changing the selection in the pub window (either modifying the selection or making a new selection) does not change displayed citation(s).

I can get the display in either window to update only (as far as I can tell) by changing the window's zoom factor (the % popup in the lower right).  The two windows are independent, and changing one zoom factor only affects that window.

Thanks in advance!


PS: Christiaan has put up a test version to see what might be going wrong, but it has provided no insights for him when run on my system.  The URL in the #1485 bug points to the .dmg (beware: that URL has a trailing "." which leads to an error page; removing that "." leads to the download).

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