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Paul K Egell-Johnsen
Yesterday I came across BibFuse and installed it on my Mac. Out of the box it works as expected, except that the scripts never reaches my menus, neither in Word nor in BibDesk. This isn't a problem at the moment.

However, I tried following the instructions under "Options" in the README ( and wanted to try to get Author-Date citations by following the instructions.

This leads the script to ask for a file "Paper.bib", that it can't find. I've tried creating the file several places, including ~/Library/Application Support/BibDesk as well as the Templates, and also the folder where I keep my own bibtex files.

I'm not fluent in AppleScript the best I could do was finding the error in:

tell application "BibDeskto set citeText to templated text document "Paper.bib" using textinTextCitationTemplate for pubList

After searching the AppleScript Dictionary I testet out the following:

tell application "BibDeskto set citeText to templated rich text document "Paper.bib" using textinTextCitationTemplate for pubList

Which instead of an error about the file gives me an error containing the string in inTextCitationTemplate.

I hope someone here knows what might be the problem. The script works fine if I don't try to change the options, but then I get just numbered references and a numbered Bibliography.

Paul K Egell-Johnsen

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