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Full first name in references

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Re: Full first name in references

Adam M. Goldstein-21
On Jan 8, 2011, at 6:59 PM, Arturas Rozenas wrote:

> I'm a newbie to Bibdesk and I can't work around a simple matter: I
> need Chicago style references only with the first name in full.
> What's the quickest way to solve this problem? I tried to use the
> template editor but it is not helping me.

If you want BibTeX to output bib references in a certain format, you have to have the right .bst file. That's a part of LaTeX typesetting process. If you don't know about that or don't have LaTeX installed...poke around at http://www.ctan.org/ and look at the BibDesk help which has more instructions about how to get LaTeX.

If you are trying to get rtf output or something similar, maybe someone else on the list can help.

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