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I've been trying to get BibDesk hooks to work, so far to no avail. The behavior is erratic and I have so far been unable to identify a pattern for this behavior. Most tellingly, perhaps, the sample hooks do not work either.

The following hook does not work either:
using terms from application "BibDesk"
on perform BibDesk action with publications thePubs for script hook theScriptHook

    set theName to the name of theScriptHook
    tell application "BibDesk"
        set theDocument to document 1
        set theDocumentFile to (the file of theDocument)
        if (the name of theDocumentFile) is "" then
            display alert ("Hi")
            display alert ("Bye")
        end if
    end tell

end perform BibDesk action with publications

end using terms from

whereas it should, I believe, display one of two possible alerts.

I have been running several recent nightly builds on OS X 10.8.4.

Have other similar reports been circulating?

Many thanks.


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