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Using BibDesk with Word

Jan Jakob Bornheim
Hello everybody,

triggered by the recent interest on this mailing list in using BibDesk with Word, I decided to make my own attempt at combining the two public. My AppleScript is written with legal citations in mind and the template(s) it relies on use a style based on the Oxford Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities. The approach of the script is basically that it will loop through the footnotes, searching for strings matching a "{citekey}” pattern (several matching strings will need to be separated by at least one space) and replace them with a formatted reference. The formatting is done by one of a family of templates chosen by the script based on a number of tests (entry already cited? author has several entries? case has a short name that needs to be introduced at the first cite?, etc.). It all works for me, but still leaves something to be desired on the documentation and debugging level. Nevertheless, if anyone wants to take a look to get some inspiration, here we go:

The first chapter of Pride and Prejudice is also included for free to trigger your interest. 

Please notice that the system is fully expandable for other citation styles that have roughly similar requirements and it should also not be to hard to add a bibliography and "list of cases” option to it.


Jan Jakob

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