citation label problems between bibdesk and lyx

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citation label problems between bibdesk and lyx

Shane Eastwood
Hi there -

(Hunt:2003fg No Year)

I keep getting citation labels like this even when there is a "year"
field entered using natbib format on lyx.

. Even after, starting afresh the same reference, by entering the bib
details in manually on bibdesk this comes up. It seems to come up when
entering manually but when  utilizising the bib cat. card's by-default
autosuggest-completion frame -- showing previous entries---, could it
be that in these memorised entries that faulty encoding lies?

By comparing a working file, a clean citation label in lyx, with a
faulty one, I can see no diffeence in the bib file. But if I manually
type it, , key by key, I get a clean citation label in lyx.


(Hunt, 2003 )


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