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links to PDFs on a new computer

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I am migrating to a new computer am encountering problems with links to PDFs of my documents.

PDFs are in the usual place (~/Documents/papers)

When I open my .bib file for the first time on the new system I get a pop up that says "Local File and URL fields have been automatically converted"

If I click verify at that point, I get another popup with an option to convert.  If I click convert, it chews through my files and reports "converted 1634 files or URLs".  It also returns a dozen or so "file or URL not found" errors.

but...  links are still not working.  I read on one of these threads that the .bib file needs to be in the ~/Documents/papers directory to update the links, so that's where I've parked it.

Is there anything that I can do to recover my links?